Glorious Gannets

This 3 hour cruise is a result of our partnership with RSPB Bempton Cliffs, we will sail from Bridlington Harbour, around Flamborough Head and along to the cliffs at Bempton to view the 1000s of Gannets that grace the East Yorkshire Coast during the breeding season. Seeing these  graceful seabirds with their chicks at very close quarters (sea conditions permitting) will be an experience you will never forget. 

During the trip bait will then be thrown overboard to try to attract the Gannets to dive very close to the boat.  If you've never seen a diving Gnnet this is an experience you should not miss! 

Bookings for these trips are taken by the RSPB office, details can be found  on the RSPB webpage or  Tel: 01262 422211  Bookings for 2017 open on 6th March and will be processed from 10th April

Our glorious Gannets, with their amazing 6-foot wingspan, spend much longer on the cliffs at Bempton than any other seabird.  Long after many of the other seabirds have left you can still see the Gannets, raising their chicks on the precarious cliff ledges, until the final one has fledged towards the end of September.

There's also a chance you might see some late Puffins bobbing on the water during the July cruises, and perhaps some of the early migrating Skuas and Shearwaters.

Expert commentators, together with very experienced volunteers from the RSPB’s East Yorkshire Local Group, are on board each cruise to help you identify the birds and to ensure all passengers have a brilliant experience and are really great for families. 

One of the things that both the RSPB and the Yorkshire Belle pride themselves on is not filling the boat to capacity in order to make sure there is room to move around.

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